Morocco Fes Desert Tours

10 Best Customized Fes Desert Tours & Itineraries

Fes Desert Tours

The Fes Desert Tours are a range of designed tours and trips that meet your aspirations and expectations. In each tour, we try to let you know and discover new things, the sensation of living the moment, enjoying every second, every eye blink with great happiness and joy! Alternatively, you may also customize your own tour as you wish.

1. Fes to Marrakech Desert Tours

These are the best Fes Desert Tours to Marrakech, they give you an opportunity to combine the two most touristic cities in Morocco: Fes and Marrakech through the top desert and highest sand dunes: Erg Chebbi in Merzouga.

The Fes to Marrakech desert tours are designed according to our customer’s preferences, they are flexible and can take different types, from private to shared group tours with three possible options: Standard (Standard accommodations + Standard desert camp included), Luxury (Luxury accommodations + Luxury desert camp included), and lastly Mixed option (Medium), this includes standard accommodations and luxury desert camp. Do not hesitate to read much more details about your preferred desert tour.

2. Fes to Merzouga Desert Tours

Meet the best and most do Fes Desert Tours to Merzouga Sahara (Erg Chebbi) and back to Fes. These desert tours are customized specially for travelers who have few days in Fes and wish to visit the Merzouga Sahara desert and get away from the city noise and the bustled streets.

Therefore, we designed the following tours that can be modified according to your needs. The Fes to Merzouga Desert Tours can be private (recommended) and shared by joining a small group tour.

Respecting our clients’ preferences and budgets, in addition to the tour type (Private or Shared), we committed to put in front of every and each client different types of accommodations and desert camps. Feel free to find out more about your desired tour itinerary, check includes and excludes, map, and photos. Your satisfaction is our priority!

3. Grand Morocco Desert Tours from Fes

The grand Morocco Desert Tours from Fes are great and unmissable chances for travelers who are fascinated by this north African country, people who are passionate and ready to immerse themselves in a rich culture, historic buildings, fortified Kasbahs, and mingling with very hospitable and generous people.

These Fes grand tours start from 6 days/5 nights to 10 days/9 nights, any suggestions and changes to our itineraries are welcomed.

More About Our Customized Fes Desert Tours

Fes is the second touristic city in Morocco after Marrakech, it is known as the Culture City. Visiting and exploring Fes, walking in the narrow alleys of the Fes Medina, and discovering its different historical monuments is surely a great and ideal idea.

But getting away for a few days in a Fes Desert Tour to Merzouga Sahara Desert and Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes is a must! Also combining Fes, the Desert, and Marrakech: the first tourist destination is a common idea for most of Fes’ visitors.

Choosing this or that one is based on your desire as a traveler, but how and with whom is crucial as much as the chosen destination. Accordingly, as locals here at Morocco Tours Agency, we devoted all our efforts to provide the best experience to anyone who wishes to live and feel the authenticity of Morocco.

In general, the Fes Desert Tours include the following depending on the tour type: private or shared.

1. Private Fes Desert Tours (Private Option): recommended

Experienced English speaking driver/guide

Pick up and drop off at your accommodations

Private comfortable transportation

Private room at the accommodations (At your preferred room type)

Private tent at the Desert Camp (At your preferred tent type)

Camel ride



Dinner & Breakfast are usually included, except in some imperial cities for grand tours like Casablanca, Rabat, and Chefchaouen.

2. Shared Fes Desert Tours: (Shared or Budget Option)

In this option, you will have the same includes as the private option except:

– The Transportation: you will have a shared transportation

– The pick-up and drop-off: In some cases, the pick-up and drop-off will be in the nearest parking/point to your accommodation. It happens, only if the cars are not accessible to your accommodations, especially riads. Otherwise, the pick-up and drop-off will be at your accommodations.

Note: regardless of the kind of accommodation you prefer (Standard, Superior (Luxury), or Medium option (Mixed)), the mentioned above still applicable.

What do these Fes Desert Tours usually include?

What do I need to bring for the night in the desert?

Not surprisingly, only your necessary things. No sleeping bag is needed. Both the standard and luxury camps are well equipped with real beds, pillows, and enough blankets…etc

What we recommend regarding the clothes is: long pants, light shoes, Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat (especially in the summer), and a small backpack to put your things in.

Fes Day Trips you may be interested in before or after your Desert Tour

Getting far away from the city clamor and the crowded places for a full-day is surely an excellent idea.

As we notified earlier, in addition to the Morocco Fes Desert Tours, we afford the best day trips from Fes to the most interesting places you can visit in only one day. Leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening, each of these fascinating sites varies from others in something that makes it unique and deserves an experience.

Visiting the blue city of Chefchaouen, also locally known as Chaouen in the northeast of Morocco and wandering in its sky-blue painted alleys or getting lost between the ruins of the old Roman city of Volubilis, explore the imperial city of Meknes and the holy city of Molay Idris Zerhoun are all perfect ideas.

There is no ambiguity that discovering any place in the world with locals is not and will not be equaled to other alternatives no matter how tempting they are.

At Morocco Tours Agency with its 100% local travel specialists, we chose to provide you the best experience, just as you expected it and more. Feel free to find out more about places and things that can raise the level of happiness hormones.

Free Booking! To book any tour, usually we ask for a small deposit to be paid via Paypal, Wise, or bank transfer. The rest of the payment is payable in cash to your driver/guide at the pick-up.

Paying the deposit is free, in case you would like to pay the full amount or half off, in order to avoid carrying much cash, it is possible to do it through Paypal or Payoneer.

– To pay the full amount by Paypal, there will be a 5% extra to cover the Paypal fees.

– To pay the full amount by Payoneer is free of charge, since Payoneer doesn’t apply any fees (Payoneer to Payoneer).

Note: At the moment we do not accept credit cards and bank transfers are a time-consuming and high-fee process.

What is your cancellation policy?

For a complete refund, please cancel at least 15 days in advance of the date of the tour.

In case you cancel less than 15 days in advance, the deposit is nonrefundable, but it is still available for your use if you reschedule your trip in the future.

Is it possible to do other activities while in the Merzouga desert, like ATVs?

Yes, of course, you can add ATVs or Buggies in the sand dunes to your desert tour as an extra and it will be included in the tour price.

Flexibility is one of defining characteristics of our Morocco desert tours from Marrakech.

Flexibility is one of defining characteristics of our Morocco desert tours from Marrakech. You are required to let us know in advance or while on the tour.

How is the booking process?

What do the Fes Day Trips include?

Unlike our Morocco desert tours from Marrakech, the day trips have the same includes and excludes as well as the prices, since there are no accommodations included no difference in the number of days in each trip. Here is what we usually include in our Marrakech day trips:

Conclusion: Morocco Fes Desert Tours & Day Trips

These customized Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech are very flexible and can be modified and designed according to your preferences and needs by Morocco Tours Agency’s professionals and experts avoiding you a lot of headache of planning and searching.

Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for any of you, no matter how new your desires are, no matter how much your budget is.

Our intention is shortened in our perfect slogan; Book Better, Travel Better, Feel Better.

Feel free to contact us any time. Our customer service is happy to answer any further inquiries you may have.