Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Sahara Desert Trips Itineraries & Travel Excursions by locals

Morocco Desert Tours & Excursions

The Morocco Desert Tours are the best-customized desert tours and excursions through Morocco based on our previous customer’s preferences and needs. Our Morocco Sahara Desert Tours are very flexible, so that can be modified and designed according to your desires, expectation, and budget too.

1. Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech

Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech to Fes

These are the best desert tours in Morocco from Marrakech to Fes (Fez) via the Merzouga Sahara (Erg Chebbi), they are complete tours, including almost all the necessary things from comfortable modern vehicles, English speaking driver, accommodations/desert camp, camel riding, and more. Find out more details about your preferred Morocco desert tour from Marrakech to Fes here!

Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech to Merzouga

Planning to start and end your Morocco desert tour in Marrakech? Brilliant idea! These Morocco desert tours are designed especially for you, depending on how many days you intend to be on your desert tour, they will fit you.

Save time and avoid the hassle of planning and searching and meet these tours offered by local travel experts at Morocco Tours Agency, we have sorted everything for you! All you need to do is to relax and enjoy.

2. Morocco Desert Tours from Fes

Fes to Marrakech Morocco Desert Tours

Are you thinking to combine the two imperial cities of Fes and Marrakech starting from Fes via the Merzouga Sahara Desert and the impressive sand dunes of Erg Chebbi? And don’t know how?

No worries, here are the best and most Morocco desert tours from Fes to Marrakech including all the interesting sites, camel riding, camping in the desert experience, and more.

Morocco Desert Tours from Fes to Merzouga

For those who have free days in Fes and wish to spend a few days in a timeless place like the Merzouga Sahara Desert within its wavy golden sand dunes in Erg Chebbi far from the city noise, the crowded streets, and the tinny alleys of the Fes Medina. Undoubtedly, these Morocco desert tours from Fes are ideal for you!

3. Morocco Desert Tours from Casablanca

Maybe you are preparing to land in the economical city of Casablanca explore its few interesting sites then start your Morocco tour to other most important and unmissable destinations like Rabat, Chefchaouen, Fes, Merzouga desert, Marrakech…etc.

This is also a great choice, therefore, we have designed the best itineraries for you and everyone with the same ideas. Enjoy reading a detailed tour program, explore the tour on the map, see photos, and much more about your selected Morocco tour from Casablanca.

You didn’t find your dream tour? chick out more tours from Casablanca or contact us and we will design one together just as you want it to be!

4. Morocco Desert Tours from Tangier

Do you think of arriving in one of the ports of Tangier, located in the north of the country? And you wish to travel to other parts of Morocco?

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! As locals, we committed to providing the best Morocco tours from Tangier to Marrakech or back to Tangier via the most interesting cities/sites. Here are some of the common customizable tours. Feel free to read more and to get in touch with us at any time, we are very happy to assist.

Morocco Desert Tours Options We Provide

For better Morocco travel services, so that everyone can live the most beautiful moments of his journey inside this distinguished African country without his weak budget or social class preventing it from achieving this. Our goal is that everybody should book better, travel better, and feel better!

Taking this into consideration, we are providing different tour options depending on the category of accommodations and desert camps as shown in the following table.

What do these Morocco Desert Tours usually include?

In general, the Morocco Desert Tours include the following except the shared tours option where the passengers share the transportation.

Experienced English speaking driver/guide

Pick up and drop off at your accommodations

Private comfortable transportation

Private room at the accommodations (At your preferred room type)

Private tent at the Desert Camp (At your preferred tent type)

Camel ride (Or 4×4 transfer from and to the camp as an alternative to Camels)



Dinner & Breakfast are usually included, except in some imperial cities for grand tours like Casablanca, Rabat, and Chefchaouen. More details will be provided before you book, no hidden fees will be applied!

What do I need to bring for the night in the desert?

Not surprisingly, only your necessary things. No sleeping bag is needed. Both the standard and luxury camps are well equipped with real beds, pillows, and enough blankets…etc

What we recommend regarding the clothes is: long pants, light shoes, Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat (especially in the summer), and a small backpack to put your things in.

What is the difference between the standard and luxury camps?

Standard Camp: the tents are private, but the toilets and bathrooms are separated and shared.

Luxury Camp: the tents are private and a little bit larger with its private toilet and bathroom, hot water inside each tent. Furthermore, there is a WIFI and a place where you can charge your phone and camera.

Is it possible to do other activities while in the Merzouga desert, like ATVs?

Yes, of course, you can add ATVs or Buggies in the sand dunes to your desert tour as an extra and it will be included in the tour price.

Flexibility is one of defining hallmarks of our Morocco Desert Tours.

Flexibility is one of defining characteristics of our Morocco desert tours. You are required to let us know in advance or while on the tour.

How is the booking process?

Free Booking! To book any tour, usually we ask for a small deposit to be paid through Paypa, Wise, or bank transfer. The rest of the payment is payable in cash to your driver/guide at the pick-up.

Paying the deposit is for free, in case you would like to pay the full amount or half off, in order to avoid carrying much cash, it is possible to do it through Paypal or Payoneer.

– To pay the full amount by Paypal, there will be 5% extra to cover the Paypal fees.

– To pay the full amount by Payoneer is free of charge, since Payoneer doesn’t apply any fees (Payoneer to Payoneer).

Note: At the moment we do not accept credit cards and bank transfers being a time-consuming and high-fee process.

What is your cancellation policy?

For a complete refund, please cancel at least 15 days in advance of the date of the tour.

In case you cancel less than 15 days in advance, the deposit is nonrefundable, but it is still available under your use if you reschedule your trip in the future.

Conclusion: Morocco Desert Tours

Finally, we hope that we succeed in providing the Morocco tour you are looking for.

Otherwise, we are happy to help you plan your dream tour, no matter your category whether you are a couple, group of friends, a family with children, students…etc

At Morocco Tours Agency and as locals, we will do our best to accommodate you by providing the best offers at affordable prices. You are in the right place, feel free to reach out!